Tennis can help to increase life expectancy by as much as 9.7 years!

We knew that and we felt that but it is scientifically proven now! Tennis extends your LIFE by almost 10 years! And we are quite positive that these will be 10 years of active and happy life!

“Various sports are associated with markedly different improvements in life expectancy. Because this is an observational study, it remains uncertain whether this relationship is causal. Interestingly, the leisure-time sports that inherently involve more social interaction were associated with the best longevity—a finding that warrants further investigation.

Multivariable-adjusted life expectancy gains compared with the sedentary group for different sports were as follows: tennis, 9.7 years; badminton, 6.2 years; soccer, 4.7 years; cycling, 3.7 years; swimming, 3.4 years; jogging, 3.2 years; calisthenics, 3.1 years; and health club activities, 1.5 years.”

People of Powell River have a unique opportunity to play all year around and yes, the registration is open for the next term of Learn to Play groups! More details and how to sign up is here: