Powell River Tennis Centre becomes a non-profit society

Powell River Tennis Center was originally created as a for-profit corporation. While it was never expected to become a profitable business, time has shown that, although the participation numbers are steadily increasing at a rate of at least 20% year over year, this is not sufficient, at this stage, to sustain a corporation. We feel there is a number of benefits available to us by becoming non-profit, and most of the amateur sport organizations are non-profit. By turning into a non-profit organization, we hope to become completely self-sustainable due to possible grant opportunities and possible tax incentives. We have already started these negotiations.

We, the organizers of Powell River Tennis Centre, have made the decision to go non-profit and we start operating the Centre as a non-profit TODAY May 8th, 2019.

Our new organization name is Powell River Sport and Fitness Society and we will be running the Tennis Centre!

There is no restrictions or waiting periods to the membership and now everyone can become a member of the Society!

We will need everyone’s help here. We are asking you to join the Powell River Sport and Fitness Society and help us to grow the sport of tennis, and the number of people playing tennis in Powell River !