Acceptable Use Policy

Powell River Tennis Centre Acceptable Use Policy

We at Powell River Tennis Centre are striving to keep everyone’s safe and healthy and we hope you will enjoy playing tennis here.

When you attend a facility for the first time you will be asked to sign a paper copy of the “Waiver of Responsibilities”. That is the requirement of our insurer and we would not be able to provide services without a signed paper copy.

The facility users are also responsible for unlocking Emergency Exits and turning on/off the lights if they are first/last players of the day. A staff member will provide onsite instructions on how to operate these.

Once inside, please look around and note the location and functioning of the doors and emergency exits. There is an “exit” button next to each door; these buttons need to be touched to deactivate the lock. There is also an emergency door release switch above each of the main doors indicated with the red faceplate. This switch can be activated ONLY if there is a problem with exit button or if there is any emergency.

Please use appropriate tennis attire for everyone’s comfort and non-marking tennis shoes to ensure the long life of the tennis court surface.

We have a number of CCTV cameras installed throughout the facility to ensure safe and pleasant experience for all patrons as well as automated facility access and in the future – lights controls.

The facility will be open 6:00am – 11:00pm 7 days a week. We might reduce or increase the hours based on the demand.

There is one common washroom on the main floor. There is more separate bathrooms upstairs – please use the door/stair to the right from the main floor washroom. There is one small change room on the main floor. We are working hard to improve that.

Court Reservation Rules

Court reservations are possible up to 7 days in advance. The reservations are allowed starting 6am for the day. You can see reservations up to 30 days in advance. These advanced reservations are made by staff for long term programs.

All adult Members will be issued an access token to access the facility, please use these tokens to access the facility.

For reservations made by Guests a PIN code will be emailed upon successful reservation. This PIN code will be valid for one hour starting 15 minutes before your reservation time. The PIN can only be used with the PINPAD next to the LEFT entrance.

Each reservation can be up to three hours in duration with 30 minutes increment. There are no limits for reservations for the members as long as the bookings are paid for.

The concurrent booking (booking of more than one court for the same or overlapping times under the same account) is not permitted

You can deposit a sum of money to the “club account” and draw from that deposit to avoid making credit card payments every time you book a court

The cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance. We will maintain Waiting List so if a cancellation for a certain time is made the Members or Guests on the Waiting List are notified.

Both Members and Guests can participate in paid and free activities as listed under “EVENT SIGN-UP” tab on the court reservation system. We are working on creating programs and they will be available for sign-up as soon as they are published on the registrations web site.

The Members will be eligible to participate in “member-only” activities, like monthly “Grand Slam” events where all courts will be available for the members to play competitive matches. Please see more information about these events in the registration system.

Signing up for an account identifies your acceptance of these policies. During the payment process you will be given an opportunity to review and accept responsibilities waiver.