Tennis Kids – “Le Petite” program is now looking for participants

Powell River Tennis Centre is actively looking for very young kids 3-5 years old to participate in “Le Petite” tennis program.

The program consists of one 1hr session a week and the first block of lessons is on Mondays from Nov 20th to Dec 18th

Children will learn all about basic tennis skills such as holding a racket, understanding court layout, and hitting a ball. Under our diligent and caring instructor, children gain a real appreciation of what they can achieve through practice and hard work. Although basic skills are the aim of this program, being jolly and having fun is the focus of this program.

We use Tennis Canada-approved slower balls and lower nets so kids can enjoy the play from the very first lesson.

For those with accounts, please follow this link to sign up.

For those who don’t have an account yet please create an account and sign up for the program @

Feel free to ask any question @

Almost there

We are waiting for the occupancy permit to be issued at any moment now.

For the time being after consultations with other tennis clubs and Tennis BC we decided to re-work our programs to ensure there is a good match to every skill level. The new programs will be released in the next few days and will be available starting December. Please see more information here:

Adult Tennis



First Project Delay

Hello all,
We have hit the first substantial setback on the project. We want everyone to be safe in this building so we are taking all the right steps to ensure that. We hope that we will be open early next week!
The court has been installed and there is no problems with the courts. There are some issues with the building itself and its facilities.
We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we have any news.

Membership benefits

Finally, we have defined the benefits of being a member of Powell River Tennis Centre.

As all registration will be done at, please register an account to get access to lessons and court rentals.

There are three types of accounts:

  • Guest membership is free
    • Guests book courts at higher hourly rates than the members.
    • The access to the facility is provided via PIN code emailed to guest upon receiving an online payment.
  • Single membership  cost is $150 / year and a Family membership cost is $200 / year
    • Single and Family memberships allow to book courts at lower rate ($14/hr and up).
    • The facility key (two keys for Family) is provided for convenient access
    • For the members, we will organize a “Grand Slam” event every month where all courts will be reserved for 3 hours or more for competitive tennis exclusively for the members.

Project update

With most of the preparations complete, lights protection installed, ceiling repainted, bulbs replaced and the floor sanded courts installation crew arrives tomorrow. The second floor office removal will be completed today.
Tennis courts surface will be installed over this coming weekend – Oct 20th -22nd. Feel free do drop by to see how that is being done!
We will not have separate  change rooms ready for Nov 1st due to higher than expected office removal costs. There will be one single change room unless someone will contribute money, time or materials (or all together).
If anyone is willing to volunteer and knows how to build framed walls and install doors etc please contact me at We need to install two drywalled partitions about 20 feet long each and two doors.
We will be getting the separate change rooms done as soon as money will allow us.