Kids Tennis: (age 12 & under)

The schedule for January – March 2019 has just been released!

The kids programs are based on “Progressive Tennis” approach which introduces the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 4-12. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on.

Jolly Bolly Group 01 for 4-5 years old. Wed 3:30 PM for 45 minutes. $160/13 sessions
Jolly Bolly Group 02 for 4-5 years old. Fri 3:30 PM for 45 minutes. $160/13 sessions
The Jolly Bolly program exposes young children to tennis in a fun, safe, and controlled environment. Through tennis, children improve basic physical literacy skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, and movement while playing fun games.

Red Ball FUNdamentals Group 01 for 6-9 years old. Tue 5:00 PM for 1 hour. $213/13 sessions
Red Ball FUNdamentals Group 02 for 6-9 years old. Thu 5:00 PM for 1 hour. $213/13 sessions
Children will learn basic tennis skills in order to rally with partners. The emphasis is on having FUN developing the basics. Introduction to some rules for game play. The Red ball is esier to play with allowing for more success.

Green Dot FUNdamentals Group 01 for 10-13 years old. Tue 6:00 PM for 1 hour.  $213/13 sessions
Green Dot FUNdamentals Group 02 for 10-13 years old. Thu 6:00 PM for 1 hour.  $213/13 sessions
This program is similar to the one aimed at 6-9 years old but adjusted for bigger kids, faster balls and better coordination. Green Dot balls are faster and smaller than the Red ones and help to have fun and learn to play tennis faster. Lots of game play and FUN drills. Prepare to play tennis matches.

Drop-In Kids Match Play for 11-16 years old. Sat 2:00 PM for 2 hours. $12/session
Match play for kids! These are suprervised/coached match play sessions which will greatly improve kids competitive skills. Depending on the players level, softer/slower balls might be used.

Please see below the schedule of our tennis lessons, clinics and match play for kids. Please click here to register!

As usual, if you have 4 or more participants we can create a new group and put is in our permanent schedule. Please contact us at to arrange for a new group.
For this term the usual discounts will be applied (20% for siblings, 10% for repeating lesson takers and 15% for Centre’s members). The rebate will be posted on your account once you book the lessons.
Please note that due to holidays this term we have different number of lessons for different programs which is reflected in the cost of the lessons.