Facebook challenges and other updates

Hello all,

Please see a few updates below:

  • Once the Facebook page was created we have had nothing but problems with it. It has been taken down, then our access to updates and posts has been disabled “while they are reviewing my photo “. While we are working this issue out we will keep updating this site and Twitter feed @PRTennisCentre as well.


  • The structural engineer suggests that the removal of the second floor mini-office by the right entrance and converting it  into an observation area (with the great courts view BTW) would be the most efficient use of money. We have asked the building owner for a permission to do so. That change is needed as it will make the the “window” court safer.  FYI, just the engineer’s work is going to cost us somewhere around $2K and that is one more reason why we are asking the community to help us to establish here. Any support is greatly appreciated


  • To people playing pickleball. I’ve talked to the contractor co which will be installing the courts and they suggested that there is not much risk to the surface from game of pickeball as long as everyone wears appropriate shoes. The cost of marking of a pickeball court is $300/court and we have to options here:
    • Mark up two courts on one tennis courts (space permits that) and use portable nets or
    • Mark up one pickeball court / tennis court and use the tennis net ?

Please send your feedback via the form here or Facebook or Twitter though I can’t tell when Facebook will restore full access and I’ll be answering here.

  • There was a question about the sign and lack of it on the building. Roller Derby group is still “owns” the place. We will have building access on Oct 1st and we submitted the sign permit to the City a few weeks back. Once we get the permit and once we have the building the sign will be one of the first things to be done. For now we use a mock-up sign for  advertising and awareness. We promise to execute the sign as close to that as possible.


  • Once again – anyone with experience with art of murals is welcome to join the party and help with advise and/or the actual work.


  • The lessons are being put into the system in anticipation of Oct 2nd registration opening. So far all works as expected.

That is all for now and thank you all for all support.