Project update

With most of the preparations complete, lights protection installed, ceiling repainted, bulbs replaced and the floor sanded courts installation crew arrives tomorrow. The second floor office removal will be completed today.
Tennis courts surface will be installed over this coming weekend – Oct 20th -22nd. Feel free do drop by to see how that is being done!
We will not have separate  change rooms ready for Nov 1st due to higher than expected office removal costs. There will be one single change room unless someone will contribute money, time or materials (or all together).
If anyone is willing to volunteer and knows how to build framed walls and install doors etc please contact me at We need to install two drywalled partitions about 20 feet long each and two doors.
We will be getting the separate change rooms done as soon as money will allow us.

Another week goes by

A quick project update::

  • HVAC duct moved on one side, the other side to be completed tomorrow.
  • The back walls painted in dark green.
  • The surface is being sanded in preparation for the Plexipave and to be completed tomorrow.
  • The surface compound has been received (two skids).
  • The building sign has been traced and will be painted in the next day or two (hope the weather will help here).
  • The lighting fixtures protection mesh is still being installed (about 60% complete). There are 48  6x pipes “High Output” fluorescent in the middle of the area plus there are 10x sets of 10 feet long “traditional” fluorescent behind the baselines… Quite a bit of work.

Next week promises to be quite exciting  as the courts installation scheduled for Oct 20th and the change rooms are to be built as well.

And a few pictures:


Memberships registration is now open

Hello all,

The membership registration is now open!

Please navigate to our  Online Reservation System and follow “Create an Account” link to create an account and get access to the first blocks of lessons.

All  new account requests will be reviewed by the Center and once approved an email with the initial account credentials will be sent out.

Please have a read of the Liabilities Waiver. We will be expecting you to sign a paper document once you receive a key (contactless fob) to the facility.

Registrations for the lessons are available one month in advance and the court reservation will be opened 7 days in advance.

Please let us know about any issues observed and we will do our best to fix them.


Facebook challenges and other updates

Hello all,

Please see a few updates below:

  • Once the Facebook page was created we have had nothing but problems with it. It has been taken down, then our access to updates and posts has been disabled “while they are reviewing my photo “. While we are working this issue out we will keep updating this site and Twitter feed @PRTennisCentre as well.


  • The structural engineer suggests that the removal of the second floor mini-office by the right entrance and converting it  into an observation area (with the great courts view BTW) would be the most efficient use of money. We have asked the building owner for a permission to do so. That change is needed as it will make the the “window” court safer.  FYI, just the engineer’s work is going to cost us somewhere around $2K and that is one more reason why we are asking the community to help us to establish here. Any support is greatly appreciated


  • To people playing pickleball. I’ve talked to the contractor co which will be installing the courts and they suggested that there is not much risk to the surface from game of pickeball as long as everyone wears appropriate shoes. The cost of marking of a pickeball court is $300/court and we have to options here:
    • Mark up two courts on one tennis courts (space permits that) and use portable nets or
    • Mark up one pickeball court / tennis court and use the tennis net ?

Please send your feedback via the form here or Facebook or Twitter though I can’t tell when Facebook will restore full access and I’ll be answering here.

  • There was a question about the sign and lack of it on the building. Roller Derby group is still “owns” the place. We will have building access on Oct 1st and we submitted the sign permit to the City a few weeks back. Once we get the permit and once we have the building the sign will be one of the first things to be done. For now we use a mock-up sign for  advertising and awareness. We promise to execute the sign as close to that as possible.


  • Once again – anyone with experience with art of murals is welcome to join the party and help with advise and/or the actual work.


  • The lessons are being put into the system in anticipation of Oct 2nd registration opening. So far all works as expected.

That is all for now and thank you all for all support.

Facebook and question and answers

Hello, all,

We’ve created Center’s page on Facebook to better stay in touch with the community and we are extremely pleased with overwhelmingly positive feedback we are getting

We have also received not so positive feedback and sometimes there are good questions in these, too. So, I’m re-posting my Facebook answers here:

Q. Why are we doing this?
A. We want the Powell River residents, visitors and their kids to have the same kind of opportunities as in the bigger cities.

Q. Why do I have to play tennis? There is more people in the community who prefer other sports!
A. Well, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. You will have a Tennis Centre in town where you can go at any time and play a game of tennis. You will be able to take tennis lessons and your kids can learn to play in the tournaments which could be as exciting as any other sport. For those interested we can do club tournaments and hitting sessions and lots of fun things.

Q. When the registration for lessons, memberships and regular play will be opened?
A. We are working hard to get all of it published on the Internet Oct 2nd. Starting Oct 2nd, the system will be opened for the account registrations. Once registered, you will be able to book lessons, courts and participate in other events. The renovations of the building and preparation for court surfacing will start at the same time.

Q. Why are we seeking contributions and donations while we will be collecting memberships and hourly fees and charge for lessons etc etc.
A. The more we get initially with contributions and may be some volunteered labor the less will be the cost of the services we provide. We would like to keep the costs low and affordable for Powell River.

I think the last one needs some explanations.

The initial investments to build tennis club infrastructure are quite high. We are striving to build a good place and we invest a substantial (by our measure) amount of money into it.

For those concerned, there is no government or municipal grant money in this project.

The tennis courts, nets, screens/curtain behind baselines are all necessary and the money is allocated for these items.

There are some other things which are “nice to have” or “very nice to have”

Relocation of HVAC ducts which happened to be right above the baselines is one of these. We are doing it and we have money for it. This is one of the “very nice to have” thing.

There are other things on the todo list, like:
– painting the sign (Hello, are there Mural artists playing tennis? )
– doing minor repairs/painting
– repairing and sanding concrete surface in preparation for Plexipave
– installing protective nets on the lights
We will be doing lots of these things ourselves and we appreciate if someone gives us a hand.

There are other things which would reduce the operational costs in the long run. Remotely-controlled power switch for lighting is one of these. Right now the lights are controlled by the breakers and there is no master switch. This one will be installed only if we get enough money from your contributions.

The next big item on the list is the proper change rooms with showers.
We will open with make-shift change rooms and a single washroom however
we will move forward as soon as money permit and will add two separate washrooms and shower/changeroom area upstairs. The contribution will allow us to get it in sooner.

And yes, there is rent/utilities/taxes/accountant/cleaning and maintenance and unavoidably some repairs.

Quick update

We are starting renovations on October 2nd with relocation of the HVAC ducts.

The freshly discovered roof leak has been promptly fixed by Nelson Roofing. There will be some drywall replacement on the inside but that seem to be fairly minor.

With the leak and other activities planned we decided to move the court installation to the week of October 16th which still gives plenty of time to have it properly dried for Nov 1st Grand Opening.

The sign permit and the business license applications to the City of Powell River have already been submitted.

If you happen to know someone who can paint our sign (both the logo and the letters) on the front of the building please let us know via


Court Surface Colours

We have selected the colors which will be used for the court surface at the Centre. The courts will be painted in True Blue and Light Green, similar to this picture below:

We will be using Plexipave Color Finish system which is an all-weather, durable quick-drying color surface that provides superior resistance to deterioration. Plexipave is a 100% acrylic latex color intense sports surface formulated for use over asphalt and concrete: