Another week goes by

A quick project update::

  • HVAC duct moved on one side, the other side to be completed tomorrow.
  • The back walls painted in dark green.
  • The surface is being sanded in preparation for the Plexipave and to be completed tomorrow.
  • The surface compound has been received (two skids).
  • The building sign has been traced and will be painted in the next day or two (hope the weather will help here).
  • The lighting fixtures protection mesh is still being installed (about 60% complete). There are 48  6x pipes “High Output” fluorescent in the middle of the area plus there are 10x sets of 10 feet long “traditional” fluorescent behind the baselines… Quite a bit of work.

Next week promises to be quite exciting  as the courts installation scheduled for Oct 20th and the change rooms are to be built as well.

And a few pictures: